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Cricketers for Sale.

March 25, 2008


Namaskar everybody,Smile

                                     So finally the auctioning of the cricketers by I.P.L. has 

taken place. Much has been written and talked about this and will continue for next 

few days.The auctioning took place in 

Mumbai’s  Hilton hotel of 77 cricketers.Here 

is the price list of few of them :

Player Name           Price (Rs)      Team  


1.  Mahendra               6 Crores            Chennai
    Singh Dhoni

2.  Andrew                  5.4 Crores        Hyderabad  

3.  Jaysuriya                3.9 crores         Mumbai

4 . Irfan Pathan           3.7 crores         Mohali

5.   Brett Lee               3.6 crores         Mohali

6    Ricky Ponting         1.6 crores         Kolkata

7    Hayden                  1.5 crores        Chennai

8.   Fleming                  1.4 crores         Chennai

9.   Younis                   90 Lakhs          Jaipur

10.  Jaffar                     60 Lakhs          Bangalore

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the highest Grosser while  Ponting was the disappointment.

Each team can spend 20 crores on its players.

The money will be earned from live 

telecast, Hoardings, Banner, sponsorships and sales promotion.

The teams are : Jaipur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mohali, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi.



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