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The Sound of Music

March 25, 2008

Hi there to all of you,Hot

                        no…no  Iam not here to preview any particular album or singer.
I am just looking back to see the development that we have come across in this field. It is amazing ,in which ever language you may delve upon. 

Right from the time of our great grand father era , when we had gramaphone which made them dance. Then came the radio stations which completely changed the scenario. New artists were discovered and the SoUND oF MuSiC spread to almost every house. They say quite correctly that technology has no boundries . We can see it here. The advent of cassetes , minaturized the player. Then we had portable radio capable of catching many stations in short wave from all over the world. Peaple became aware of more types of music and singers across world.
It is a kind of revolution which we are witnessing in the music industries.With the coming of private industries , in both manufacturing and broadcasting, rates fell easily . Money was plenty . Experimental music , exchanges in music between the countries, sponsorship , are the order of the day. Music is as common as air, we breathe. In fact we breathe music. A common man is 100 times more music conscious than his forefathers were. The advent of MP3, IPOD AND new cellphone software increased the numbers of songs and his choice. The coming of private channels in FM MODE and then the INTERNET RADIO has completely revolutionized the industry in both quality and quantity. The music now came in video which attracted more peaple.Just by surfing on my computer only, I con notice the change.     It opens the doors to music industry where i not only enjoy music but i can also participate .It is a boon to Music buffs. Genres like classic, intrumental, pop rock , new age ,jazz, country and many more can be come across. Pay and listen  your favourite song and artists is the order of the day.What more do you want.



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