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Third Global Investors Meet in Jabalpur

March 25, 2008

Good Morning to all of youSmile
   Global Investors Meet is the conference organized by the M.P. Government to woo both global and Indian Investors to invest in the development projects in the state.

The first meet took place in Khujraho, then in Indore and now in Jabalpur and all of them has been met with stupenduous success in terms of signing of M.O.U.

In Indore ,1,20000 crores of MOU. were signed . In Jabalpur, the meet was for two days .Starting on 15th Feb., it was represented by Shivraj singh, chief minister of M.P., and Manglam Birla , chairman of the Aditya Birla Group and the chief guest of the meet.

Following strong points of Madhya Pradesh came forth:

1. Rich in manpower, water ,forest and minerals.

2. Has three industrial hubs — a. Kanha b. panch c. Bandhavgarh.

3. Only state in india to have Diamond mines.

4. Peaceful state and govt. committed to industrial development.

Following strong points of Jabalpur came forth:

1. 12th fastest growing city in India.

2. One of the highest tax paying city in India.

3. Home place of Mahesh Yogi and Osho Rajneesh.

4. Situated in the sacred banks of Narmada.

Result of the Investors Meet.

1. Total number of MOU. signed :

2 Total amount of Investment : Rs 56,000 crores .

3. 10 MOU of Rs 1427 crores for city Jabalpur ranging from 400 crores to 12 crores like Iron and Burnification plant, sponge Iron , Captive power plant and mines Refractory plant, Pig iron project and education cluster and deemed university.

4. List of industialists who attended the meet were Kurmalngam Birla,chairman of Aditya birla group,
G.S . MANN cmd. of Simbholi sugar mill, New delhi,
Ashish Guha , CMD. of hydel works and cement ,mysore, Sumesh Aggarwal, CMD of Gas and Power ltd. ,Surat,
Nancy Shah , CMD of Euro bond industries.Total number of industrialists were 17.

5. Next  venue of  the meet  is  Gwalior.


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