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Well Done India !!!

March 25, 2008


    Good evening everybodySmile,

  Once again I am here to heap my views  and opinion on you. I hope most of you might be 

  getting acquainted with it.

  Anyway , India and sports has been related mainly to Cricket, hockey to some extent , chess 

 due to V. Anand and tennis of course. Rest is just on and off. Nothing to crow about.

 It is the cricket I am going to discuss. It has been dogged with controversies never before 

 witnessed  and ugly scenes which will put us all in shame in last two-three years. 

 First it was Greig Chappel and Ganguly controversy. India"s  dismal show in world cup led to the resignation of the   former Indian coach . Then as we were putting an end to Indian cricket  our cricketers won us 20-20 world cup in  South Africa.There also we had our bad moments.  

It was recent tour to Australia , that  where we hit our final nail.The second test saw the unfairness meted  out to Visting team in T.V. by million of spectators , the Mahinder-Symonds episode   snowballing  into a Court  case  and  a  political  issue  of  Bodyline  fame  where instead  of  England ,  Australia  was  the culprit.

Yet , we  won  the Triangular series against the  world  champions  and the runner up,Sri Lanka. The wounds were yet to be healed. It shows the sportsmanship which our cricketers possess.
They  have not only won the series but also the hearts and minds of our the sportslover  of good  cricket by  defeating  the world champions their home turf. 

We  should be proud of such a fantastic team but not  turn blind to its unpredictness. It can take on  the best team  of  the  world  yet  succumb  to  the weakest team . We have the highest paid cricketers  in  the  world  and our board is  the richest board  in  the  world. We  have the best talent inthe world. If  Yuvraj Singh got us the 20-20 world cup then  Sachin Tendulkar  got the  traingular series. 

 We  have  won  the battle but   not the war. Only time will tell.


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