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Jabalpur Rock n roll to music

March 26, 2008

Hi guys n gals,Wink

                            Jabalpur my city , is an interesting place with lot of 

interesting peaple. Sometimes it is very lively place especially during 

festivals while other times it can be very dull. The student community here 

is the most vibrant group. This city can be called as a mini metro with all 

features of metro immersed in it. It has peaple from different states, 

different religion ,different sections all coming together to form a city , rich 

in culture . 

One thing particular of this city is its affinity to music. The latest Bollwood 

songs is the rage here. The young generation have mobiles, Ipods ,MP3, 

MP4 and they can be seen enjoying music  in in every corner of the city. 

The oldies and women listen to old bollwood songs and also religious 


The radio ,one of the most important intsrument in the growth of music was 

lagging behind.Till recently , Jabalpur wallahs were  feeded with VIVIDH 

BHARTI of All India Radio. That too for 2-3 hours. 
However, all of a sudden every thing is changed. Dainik Bhasker, 

Jabalpur’s leading hindi daily announced the starting of the city’s first F.M. 

channel MY F.M.. It was a 24 hour channel , dedicated totally to hindi 

bollwood songs. No, it is not over yet. RADI0 MIRCHI announced its 24 

hour channel at 98.6 FM.  Two more channels were started , RADIO 

and 9 FM. So , now we have 5 private channel , which  brings 

us latest and popular hindi songs  in stereo. These are 24 hour channels. 

Finally , jabalpur has got choices . As their is an old saying–


So happy listening and rocking to music for Jabalpur


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