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August 27, 2008



                         I am boundless space.
                  The world is a clay pot.

                       This is the truth.

                  There is nothing to accept,
                  Nothing to reject,
                  Nothing to dissolve.

                                                 -Ashtavakra Gita 6:1


 Last 10 years :India and the world

It was in the television I saw the video recording of the plane crashing against the world trade centre in the news..It was 8 pm and initially I thought it to be a review of a movie.However a closer look was of a shock and disbelief.A 107 tall floor structure ,not one but two of them in a span of few minutes, of a most powerful nation of the world made a mockery of the sense of security prevailing around us.

Surprisingly none of my friends ,relatives or anybody from neighbourhood informed me .Maybe they themselves were ignorant or never thought it important to rush down to me or maybe I was not an important ear for them to pass this information.

More terrorist attacks followed all over the world , making Bill Laden the most talked about person in the world and AL-Quaida as the most potent and effective terrorist force against the Western Might.

Yet another Power soon after that started challenging the status of the the west. The rise of China into an economic Superpower .Not that it was not anticipated .But the pace at which it was growing dwarfing the other Asian nations including India was what was to be noticed. Secondly the Western economies ,especially the U.S. economies also stated to decline at the same rate. The two forces has resulted in the present situation of the Asian dominance of the world economy lead by China and the starting of the recession in the economies of the west.

The Indian Economy:

The defeat of Pakistan in Kargil, the political stability with one party majority,the rise of Indian corporate in the world , the sudden spurt in the foreign investment as a result of higher credit rating to India and above all the rise of share market to 20,000 points and a decline to 14000 from around 6000 points was a benchmark for the Indian economy. India has also joined the trillion dollar club.A economic superpower only next to China.

So where was I. Oh yes ,I was all alone at my house watching the television gathering all the news I could from all the news channel. My mother has gone to Us for 6 months to my brother’s place and immediately I phoned them to find every thing was fine with them.

Well , was I not working . No , I was out of Job. I started my career in a small company as a sales person in1993.I was around 22 years then. Marketing was a avant-garde then. The liberalisation of Rao and the rise of MBA , the migration to private sector by the youth lured by money offered by the multinationals and Indian companies was the order of the day. It was the beginning of  the the new era.

Well did I stand. I was working in Delhi.I used to travel in the bus. Most of my colleagues had two wheeler. The firm offered a salary of Rs 2000 with incentive which can be a lot if you do well. I never did well. Still I managed. I was a Graduate then . It never occurred to me to look for something better . I thought I will be able to overcome and grow in the company. I never did. I changed late. Joined another firm. The salary was better ,the job was same. I was a bit carried by the sway that was their among the youth then. The smart young people. Didn’t I realize that the ones who are better of are MBA from good institutes and are earning a lot.

I also did my MBA after a struggle from not a good one.There were so many mushrooming in Delhi and satellite towns.A one year course. Surprisingly, I was further in a mess now. The institute never offered a job.I was now unemployed.Tried to do two or three things of my own but it didn’t click.

I left Delhi for Jabalpur where I had my house  in 1999.I started working here for a while . Then again I was jobless . It continued untill the present day.I was never financially well off. My family survives on my Father’s pension. Fortunately there are two of us . Me and my Mother now.

I used to read a lot of newspaper — The Times of India and Business magazines. I read of the rising Indian middle class in numbers, their rising incomes — disposable,their rise in spending leading to the current economic boom which we are witnessing..The rise of Indian Companies. India presently has four billionaires in top ten.The per capita income in India during 1990’s was around Rs10,000 pm and now at 2008 is Rs 60,000 pm. Mine continued between 2000-3000 pm ,that too when I was working.

The boom in real estate, automobile sector, the consumer durable sector ,the phenomenal rise in incomes all passed away me untouched. I only read  and watched and heard . Like me , were thousands of other youths in the same field or other, Not so fortunate ones who were educated and worked hard ,but were not well off.Their may be lots of families who may be craving for all these facilities.

The rise in Inflation is only adding insult to injury. Young people in India has an positive feature. They take such things lightly.I am also one of them. Unless ofcourse it sweeps you to gutter.I was and still am ok with what I have . Looking back to all these 15 years from 1993 to present in which I was in and out sometimes looks wasted compared to the people working in govt. or in  good companies in private sector having their families and living in present . Living in present means enjoying or moving with the current Scenario.                                                           


Delusion arises from the duality of attraction and aversion,

                    Arjuna; every creature is deluded by these from birth.

                 But those who have freed themselves from all wrongdoing

              are firmly established in worship of me. Their actions are pure,

             and they are free from the delusion caused by the pairs of opposites.


                                               Bhagavad Gita 7:27-28


                                                                         thank you

                                                                         Anurag Dubey


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