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The Mumbai Massacre

November 28, 2008




                 Mumbai — the heart of  Modern India . Its showpiece to the world as the growing and developing economy. The    commercial ,business  financial, Entertainment and crime capital of India. No other city in the world contributes to its nation as Mumbai does. It is the    combination of  New YORK , Los Angeles  and Chicago — each city known for its speciality.The city that never sleeps. Like any other modern day  Cosmopolitan. , it has its own vices and virtues .

               Any attack on this city bleeds the whole country from its heart.  However for past few years , a new kind of terror has threatened this   city. Unfortunately we don’t have Batman to save this city like he does for Gotham City.The threat of Terrorism. Indian cities have always been the target to terrorism, however they have spared Mumbai for good.Now for past few years this city has also become the target of the terrorists. The continuous Train Blasts and now the whole scale attack on the city.

The latest attack is the most Vicious attack not witnessed by any Indian cities ,since Independence.It has left more than 125 dead bodies including of foreign nationals and atleast 400 injured. The attack on 9 places od mumbai.It is the attack on affluents  of Mumbai. The attack on the places where only the Mumbai’s super rich goes which is in contrast to the previous attack , where common men were the victims.The analysis of the attack will follow by the press and electronic media.It seemed for  a while as if we were in Lebanon or any other city of middle east.Allegations and counter allegations by political parties will follow to exploit the issue during forthcoming elections.The security forces will be ripped apart . The intelligence forces will be blamed. Parliament will witness pandemonium. Then all will be forgotten after a while. New issues will be raked up. The Mumbai people will be congratulated for their guts. Indians have become used to these antics by both Politicians and media since freedom. They have become used to it and so India marches forward.

See the photos —

The tales of terror

See the videos—

The drama unfolds

mumbai attacks

commandos in action

Take over of two hotels by security forces

who are the attackers


                                      Anurag Dubey

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