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Understand yourself from Inside.

February 3, 2009


Hi Smile


These are hard times in India – the economic downturn ,terrorist

attack in Mumbai ,the warlike situation between India and Pakistan

and then the Satyam Scam. Personally , of course it does not affect

me adversely or most of the people ,who stay in small towns

or have never invested in shares or financial commodities.

This would sound selfish to most of us ,but then that’s how the

system works,doesn’t it.Thanks to media we see every thing

live and read  – all the pains and sufferings of the affected people ,

the cries of the survivors and ofcourse the melancholy voice of

the narrator with perfect emotions. The people who have lost

their lives, their lifetime earnings or their right to livelihood.We

feel for them but Nobody wants to be a part of them or even

be near them. Human nature ofcourse!The same level of

excitement follows when we see them winning a medal in

sports ,a award for their work  or in a lucky draw or in a quiz.

Every body wants fame and recognition  ,wants to become

a Slum dog Millionaire—from rags to riches is a dream

that Everybody wants to be true.

So we have two types of persons having opposite personalities

representing two opposite Poles due to two different situations –


1 . Mr Nobody           and

2.  Mr Everybody.


Mr Nobody. A.                   0                       B. Mr Everybody       


All of us stay between these two poles . Whereas Mr Nobody lives

in a situation where none of us would even dream of coming

near to, everyone of us would like  to be in the shoes

of Mr Everybody.Our emotions ,our personality, our attitude and

our aim in life and our development depends on the distance

we are from these two poles.  0 , ofcourse is the equidistant

point between the two.

People living in Poverty ,wounded people ,Bankrupted people,

from riches to rags comes within the range of Mr Nobody

and 0.People Living in luxury , Celebrities ,politicians ,

successful business man ,from rags to riches come between 0

and Mr Everybody.

Our aim and ambition is to stay closer to point B .There are

people who move right from point A  to Point B . These are

the successful persons whom we are told to emulate. They

are the examples we are told about in Books ,magazines and

television. These are the persons bestowed with strong

character , and are regarded

as Positive personalities which are developed on their journey

from point A to point B .That is what is called as

experience.The longer the distance the stronger the

personalities become.On the other hand ,we come across

people who are destined to move from Point B

to  Point A. These are the people who are victims of misfortune ,

of  ill fate and ofcourse  creation of their own acts and deeds

– the corrupt and the vice ones. We are also told about them ,

more to learn from their mistakes and misdeeds.They

generate negative personalities which may be as a result

of the situation or by birth.

Those of us who can fight to change can again cross over to

Point B . The Jews did that after second world war ,the riot

victims did that in India after the Partition.People losing

heavily in Business  and then starting all over again comes

under the category of fighters.Ability to change the fate and

future comes from a ones downfall only to emerge stronger.

Others perish in front of fate and misfortune.

Their are still others who  don’t care i.e. they are indifferent

and have accepted to fate.

Where do I  stand ? This is the question which will arise in each

of us ,after reading this article.The answer is simple.

How many times our effort and hard work has been recognized?

How many awards and medals have we won since school days?

How many times have been praised by our teachers and peers ?

Have we been interviewed by press or have we ever been

seen on television? How many times have we been

given responsibilities and delegate tasks? How our fellow

beings treat us—with respect or with disdain? What are

our ambitions and goals and how much have we

achieved it? Have we learnt from our mistakes? What are

our strengths and weakness and how do we convert our

weaknesses into strengths?

Answer these questions and you know what you are.

Ofcourse there are scientific ways to measure these qualities .

Say , from point 10.

How much do we get. How much have other successful men,

from past and present have got. Comparing the two results ,

can tell us where we stand.


                                                from  ,   




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