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The making of a complete man.

March 9, 2009


Hello everyone,


For past few months , I have been bombarded with so many Blogs and articles in my E-mails written by so many famous and respected persons ,on different topics that it has become a must for me to translate their views and feelings ,expressed in their articles in my words as a sign of gratitude and honour to them.

Most of them I subscribed were on Internet Marketing ,Finance&economy,Politics, Personality improvement, Healthcare,leadership, spiritual beliefs ,law of attractions, Positive thinking , and many more. Accompanied by Videos and Audios ,they served their purpose . Oh no, I didn’t create my money making website or joined any affiliate program of say Eddy Walkins,  Daegan Smith, Glen Hopkins , Eben Page ,Rich Scheferen, Bob Cefail, Clayton Makepeace ,Ian legg, and David Riklan ,to name a few . But I did read their articles , listened to their audios and watched their videos even for a short time.

All of them are successful in their fields ,are self made millionaires and their articles whether written by them or by some one else are rich in content.And honestly, their articles did have a strong motivating message especially at a time when most of these countries are facing one of the worst recession of their time. Making money at this time by millions and inviting others to do the same requires a lots of guts and courage. I for myself  would have opened a website by now.

The other articles were just as Impressive. It has opened me from both inside out.It gave me a vicarious feeling ,watching all the mind moving  videos .It is indeed a tribute to all the great leaders – both political and spiritual whose qualities were  translated in words and expressed beautifully in these articles.It has shown me the basics that I have always overlooked ,the fundamental laws of life and the essence of living.Living a life as a grown up man with all the positive qualities ,reducing negative feelings to minimum . Understanding and relating with your fellow beings.Looking towards the brighter side of the life. Leading the way during the difficult times makes you the first man or lady in your family.

Improvement of your personality through training is a common feature in any  management programme which I could have done. However , here think I had a more detailed and comprehensive  course  ever learnt by me. It is true that education is a continuous and endless process and I am experiencing this process through these articles and multimedia training everyday.It is the most advance and best distant education one can ever get.It strengthens my belief of the continuity of Information Revolution that we are witnessing and experiencing.

It looks to me that this kind of education which I feel can have a profound effect on us ,a complete human being of more than just flesh and blood . If taken in , in a right dose and systematic manner it can lead us to live a fuller ,healthier and happier life with our family and make this world a better place.


                                   With Best Regards ,

                                      Anurag  Dubey

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