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The Uncertainty Factor – The fear of future.

April 6, 2009



Uncertainty principle

or Heisenberg uncertainty principle or Indeterminacy principle

Principle that states that the position and velocity of an object cannot both be measured exactly at the same time, and that the concepts of exact position and exact velocity together have no meaning in nature. Articulated by Werner Heisenberg in 1927, it applies only at the small scales of atoms and subatomic particles and is not noticeable for macroscopic objects, such as moving vehicles. Any attempt to measure the velocity of a subatomic particle precisely will displace the particle in an unpredictable way, thus invalidating any simultaneous measurement of its position. This displacement is a result of the wave nature of particles (see wave-particle duality). The principle also applies to other related pairs of variables, such as energy and time.

This is the scientific explanation to the above title and what is going to written below.The affairs in the last few years have strengthened the fact ,that nothing in this world is certain or stable in our daily life whether it is economy , politics ,society relationships,family  – everything that determines our future.

Ofcourse , their are people who claim that they can predict our future , our country’s future and the destiny of the mankind.These soothsayers   cheat the gullible and innocent folks into parting their money. Ofcourse they claim that they have scientific and mathematical methods to calculate and predict our future . Many times they may be right as stated by their followers . Well this is a war which has been running for centuries between science and religion ,between faith and logic, between followers and Atheism.This has rise indifferences between different religions – Christian ,Islam, Jews and Hinduism, within religion – catholic and protestants in Christianity ,Shias and Sunnis in Muslims ,in Hindus and so on. Then the war between religion and non believers leading  to rise of conflict between capitalism and communism in the  20th century and the starting of the cold war.

The  the holocaust in 1930’s due the rise of extreme nationalism manifesting itself in fascism and Nazism leading to the extermination of tens of millions of Jews and then the backlash resulting in the creation of Israel in the middle east.The endless war in this region can lead to the end of the world. The rise of ideology of communism and socialism also started during this period in Russia making it into a Superpower and later that of China. The starting of the cold war between the capitalist countries of the west lead by the U.S. and  socialist countries lead by USSR is another story to be told.

Those who follow the religion and their leaders blindly are called fundamentalists while others who follow them cautiously are called moderates.Ofcourse both are religious ,only the extent of faith differs.Surprisingly the rise of science and knowledge has aggravated the situation instead of alleviating it.The uncertainty has grown with the eruption in wars between countries , the civil wars , the diplomatic deadlock  and destruction of million of lives and countries. The riots and  the rise in terrorism is yet another result .

Religion has become the singe most factor causing uncertainty in this so called modern and scientific 20th and 21st century ,second was the communism that ended with the demise of its architect ,the Soviet Union.It is true that science is growing at a rapid rate with new inventions and discoveries but so has been fundamentalism. The rise if rationalism has not only done nothing to stop this menace but its destructive force has helped the fundamentalists to seek to destroy this world ,if they get the nuclear weapons.

Enough has been written above of religion . The uncertainty also manifests itself in economy ,the second biggest issue in the recent times after religion. It may even replace it to become number one ,if the present state of affairs continue.The decline of American economy and of west  , the rise economic growth rate of China ,Russia and India will have a major effect in the new world order. The rise in unemployment in  west  to unmanageable limit, the growing deficit in budget in US and rise in surplus in budget of China and India . The global meltdown  destroyed the feeling that all is well in these two Asian giants. The closure and filing of bankruptcy of billion dollar companies in all these countries has suddenly led to increase in unemployment and inflation leading to rise in uncertainty of future.The fear of another great depression of 1929 is already lingering in the minds of people although not many of them are alive,only their fears are.

Here also we have soothsayers  in whose hands the fate of our government and country depends. Unlike religious leaders ,they use scientific and mathematical tools to predict whether we are going to get our next meal or not. Whether we have to go to work next day and whether we are investing in sound resources. Their prediction have more profound affect in modern times than that of the religious soothsayers.

Linked to the above two is the Social issue. We all live in a society that feeds and cares for us , no matter how violent and backward it is.We are all fellow beings and love and share with each other in a society even we are from different social background. The Uncertainty factor affects here too.  The rise in unemployment,poverty, inflation  gives rise to frustration in youth leading to rise in crime. They take shelter in religion which under such circumstances leads them to violent outbursts . Religion is narrow minded no matter how progressive we may claim it to be.The rise in terrorism is the end cause which we are facing.The rise in intolerance , attack against foreigners ,the growing insecurity among people, the rise in opportunism are other results of uncertainty.The politicians are to be blamed and so are the administrators.

The current situation which we are facing is exactly similar to the above scenario.Today we are standing on the cross roads and those who are still employed  knows the situation better than those sitting at home about this uncertainty. It leads to diseases like blood pressure ,heart attack,hypertension and Ulcer linked to this uncertainty.  It is our body and mental  ability to deal with it  that  will tell how successful  are we going to be to cope with this situation. The Darwin theory of the ‘’survival of the fittest’’ is perfectly applicable to this kind of situation. The greater the Uncertainty ,the greater the utility of this theory. The more we are able to cope and survive this uncertainty , the stronger we emerge from the situation . The more we succeed in our life , career and relationship.

This is the Philosophy of life and those who survive and succeed will enjoy the fruits of their deeds.


                                   I see only one.
                             Many men,
                          One wilderness.
                      Then to what may I cling?  

                                  Ashtavakra Gita 2:21



                                           All the best for your future

                                                   Anurag Dubey


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