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Welcome to IPL-T/20 -2009 in South Africa

April 18, 2009





 Hi  Smile,


Yet another  celebration starts — The Indian Premier League (IPL)T/20—2009 . After the brilliant start of IPL-T/20 – 2008  in India which attracted hundreds of thousands of crowd , and was a runaway success  , the cricket fans are waiting for IPL-2. Unfortunately it will played away from its home turf in India, due to security reasons.

  Again eight teams are contesting for the Trophy – which has the highest prize money  attached to it. Last time it was won by Rajasthan Royals  captained by Shane Warne.Again it will have all the fun and frolics by the Bollywood stars and dancers,the cheerleaders and by stuntmen. The best cricketers  of the world are competing against each other . It has the highest prize money attached to it.It has the backing of the richest cricket board  ,The Board of cricket of India. 

The tournament will begin from 18th April 2009 and the finals will be played in Johannesburg on 24th May 2009. Enjoy this video I made from the Photos taken in the IPL -2008.


Click the link for the video

 The Indian Premier League 2008 -Flashback


For Further information contact   


Click the Link for the  official website of IPL

 The official website of Indian Premier League


              My Visit To South Africa

It was in 2008 that I visited South Africa. My brother and his family stays there in Pretoria . I visited with my mother ,my sister and my niece. We had a wonderful  time there and visited places like Kruger park – the largest wildlife park in Africa famous for its lions. We visited Cape town , Sun city . We watched movies, dined in restaurants and visited shopping malls.We stayed there for a month . Here is a video I made of the photographs we took during our visit. Enjoy it.


  Click the any of link for the video 


   My Visit to South Africa                                


                Enjoy the season ,








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