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The Never Ending Story

May 12, 2009




It is in the middle of May and the sun is showing no respite. The  temperature is around 43-44 degrees centigrade .Thank god, I don’t have to go outdoors so often like I used to do when in Job. It is a mixed blessing to be out of the Job especially when the weather is so unpleasant ,the heavy rain will follow . It gets worse in small town like Jabalpur where the drainage system is pathetic ,water logging and flood is a common feature.You cannot drive your vehicle especially if it is a two wheeler in these two seasons when the nature of Job is sales.

Secondly it is a cricket time. The second  IPL 20/20 cricket in South Africa has taken on with a stupendous start and all of us ,what I feel must be glued to their television watching this exciting game which never let us do our work.

I like many of us, have seen so many many ups and downs in my career and have been in and out so many times that it has made me tough and wiser . It is no use to blame your employer or the fate or the recession for this misfortune. We may ease ourselves by discussing with our near and dear ones .Ofcourse you may say that is easier said than done. Most of you must be having your own families and children and so the commitment have to be higher.’’God helps those ,who helps themselves’’

All of us learn from our mistakes or what we call our experience ,which is more comprehensive. It makes us deal with situations more effectively and understand the true meaning of life . Here we gain the first hand experience of management which no teacher can teach us in a classroom. It makes us more responsible and instils in us the qualities which will later help us in our career and our family life.This is what we call a ‘’Matured Person’’ As we know ‘’Life is full of battles which we must fight.’’.

It is a never ending story.Every day we wake up to deal with a new problem ,which may affecting us,our spouse ,our parents , our children,our neighbours or our colleagues or our employers.We have to solve it at first hand as it is our moral duty or other wise we may become the part of that problem.Delaying it for later will only complicate it and we will have our hands full with too many problems. Problems are like Customers .If we deal with them immediately ,it is better for us ,otherwise they will deal with us. Like customer satisfaction ,solving our problems at right time will help us live a more happy and satisfied life.As I repeat ,It is the never ending story.

Sometimes ,I feel so depressed with these problems that I go for a weekend. In India we do not go for a weekend every week like in west.It may be because the problem is beyond my control like a sudden downfall in a share where I have invested or I overlooked it which later snowballed to take me down with like payment of bills.’’A Stitch in time saves a Nine’’.

The life goes on and the problems comes and goes  ,which we keep on dealing with our problems like a Brave Knight slaying  his enemies one by one. With every problem solved we get stronger and stronger ,wiser and wiser and help us live the life as we want to live.. As I said ‘’It is a never ending story’’.






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