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June 10, 2009




  Cosmopolitan, Urbane, Suave , Smooth talker , Polished, Smart , flamboyant,Fast,Dynamic,Ambitious, Handsome , Beautiful ,Sexy, Sensuous ,Glamorous etc means to you.Do these words apply to  individuals living in small shanty towns and villages.Well exceptions are always there and I am not going to discuss them here. Furthermore such people do not stick to these places for long and migrate to bigger cities where their qualities are recognized.

What are the largest cities of the world like New York ,Paris ,London, Los- Angeles,Venice ,Rome,Tokyo ,Shanghai,Singapore Mumbai ,New Delhi ,are recognized with.Of course ,their people.They are its life. If we say that Mumbai is more Urbane and fast than New Delhi ,it automatically applies to its citizens.It is people living their who are the pulse of that city.Therefore living in has become legal in Mumbai,the only city in India to do so.. Big cities are created by its citizens and are destroyed by the invaders . Delhi has been destroyed and plundered many times and has been remade that many times.Who remade it . Ofcourse its citizens.

The above headline of course has a lot of controversy attached to it by the word Sex.It is  that part of Love that is considered as the physical.It can be defined as the physical union of the male and female which may lead to the reproduction of an offspring.A sudden spurt of emotions within the male and female leading to the physical and bodily contact between the two. Since centuries sex has been controlled and kept under leash by the state ,religion and society to the well defined limits . It was committed only after the marriage of the two ,under the aegis and consent of elders of society,state and religion.Anything outside that was immediately met with punishment of worst kind which we have all read about in history and even present at rural places and in  conservative countries.It was regarded as vulgar and unholy form of love. A cardinal Sin, from which even the Kings and Queens cannot escape from.

Well in any society  , the degree of its openness and its attitude towards Sex determines how advance that society is and the mentality of the people. The more open and positive are the people towards sex ,the more dynamic and fast the city is.The other words stated above also apply. It may become a tinsel town like Mumbai in India ,the city that is fore front in every field in context to India.A man or woman from Mumbai is always looked upon to be a smart,outgoing and Civilized. He or she  is outgoing and up to date who knows the finer nuances of a well developed society.

Same can be said to other big cities of the world.Their people are even more cosmopolitan and dynamic than that  in India but may not be tolerant as we in India are or were. How do we determine the degree of permissiveness in a city . It is non measurable to be honest. Taking a sample survey may be an answer for some, but is not accurate. what most we may say is that it can give us a comparable analysis between cities within a country. Every country has its own ,laws ,religion and customs which also are determining factor in a country.

If a man has moves from village to towns and cities it is in search of livelihood.That has been the basis of evolution of cities of the world since ages.With the increase in prosperity and affluence ,the mental inhibition of the person changes. He becomes more open minded. Unlike his village ,here he meets different cultures,religions,faiths and civilizations.The cities are the melting pot of different cultures and civilizations . The person has to come in terms to these facts whether he likes it or not. He has to shed he inhibitions to survive in a city. How successful he is determines his level of success. The Survival of fittest is perfectly applicable in this scenario.

With the above mindset ,another thing that changes is the attitude towards Sex. Here the role of women is as significant as that of men. Unlike in village where they have to stay indoors or in a Purdah, here they have to more towards outside world ,have to  be able to deal with different types of men .That will surely make them bolder and stronger. Their confidence level rises and makes them more independent. Their attitude towards sex which until now was the most forbidden sin changes.Above all ,the attitude of the society especially men towards such women has changed. Who once used to shun such women ,fantasize for them. These women has become an idol or dream merchants in the eyes of their fellow beings.

Now with both sex changing their perception of life, it would be stupid for me to again bring down the shackles down.The break up of Joint family system led to the immigration of youth to these cities in search of livelihood .The growth of neutral family ,which was more progressive lays its roots to these cities .The Laws of Attraction becomes perfectly applicable here, provided the couples have each  succeeded in their goals. Once the two have reached their goals of why they came to the city ,their mutual understanding reaches the highest level. The successful union of such couples are widely accoladed and hailed in the society and emulated by the other couples for years to come. Movie stars ,Sports men ,Politicians ,Corporate tycoons and other known celebrities come under such categories and their family life is always under limelight..This is not only for their successful union but for the aura that surrounds them. Any change in their status of their marriage and relationship  creates a ripple across the society and affects the relationship of other couples in the society.

Extramarital affairs ,sexual escapades ,flesh trade ,Illicit relationship,sex scandals,homosexuality are the side effects of the freedom enjoyed by the people in big cities and can only be controlled by people themselves through restraint. Easier said than done they have their own stories to tell.Staying away from families,lack of guidance and counselling  by elders at crucial points,decline in moral standards and above all the ever-growing loneliness, alienation and Pervert ion in today’s youth due to their inability to keep up the pace with the changes in society in big cities  are the reasons for such unfortunate incidents.The rising problems in these cities are creating a negative impact not only on the less fortunate ones but also on the successful couples.Divorces ,separation and break ups are the order of the day. This only creates fear among the new couples and leads to the widening of distances between them.Even the fittest finds himself unfit in certain circumstances.

Today we are caught up between the Devil and the Deep sea.The urge to excel is always there ,especially when we are young .To be recognized in the society is the driving force of an ambitious men.Supported by their peers and parents ,these people move to cities to create more than something for themselves.This is the underline principle of migrants.If USA is the most Powerful ,scientfically advanced and prosperous country of the world ,of is because of the quality of immigrants it selected to absorb especially after the two world wars.The rise of west was fastest after the second world war because the influx of migrants increased rapidly, bringing with them their talent . The best thing happened to them was that their talent was recognized very quickly and they were rewarded very dearly for that.Same cannot be said for immigrants in India due to the fact that they were forced to immigrate and were of lesser quality than there counterparts in west. Nor were there efforts recognized and rewarded ,but then that’s the another story.

It is the same immigrants who have built more cities and town and enriched them with their hard work.Now their status is similar to that of the settled ones.However this was the initial stage. Then the land and opportunities  were plenty.Same cannot be said for today.The rise in the level of population, has created  Reverse Migration  ,where not only are the immigrants not allowed to enter the cities,but the people from these cities are allowed to work in the small towns and cities.The rise in communication and transport has created an easy access for the people to migrate to small cities . This has created an explosive situation in these town especially in third world countries like India,Brazil and China which are presently experiencing the highest economic growth rate in the world.

One thing is clear .The situation has to be controlled and stabilised in order to maintain the harmony between the settles and immigrants. No body wants a Mumbai like situation to happen again. The dreams of millions has been shattered  and both the parties are to be blamed.The anti foreigner attacks and racial attacks has a cause which must be looked into.Everybody knows that Mumbai is no longer the migrants paradise.It has started to decay and this has to be stopped.Same can be said for the other big cities in Latin America and South America which have already exploded and decayed.This decay is economic which then leads to decline in moral and social standards of it citizens.The rise of the Underworld Dons and Drugs Mafia ,the rise in Prostitution and pimps in red light,the growth  in slums are the trade marks of the present day Metropolitan.It has created a vicious circle from which we have to come out.This is the situation which we have got into in these cities and we have ourselves to be blamed for that.The words on the top have become a merely words which the present day big city guy is no longer attached with.

Now let us be Positive. We have to live with the fact that every thing that glitters is not gold,not for every one ofcourse. The dazzling skylight of the cities ,especially if it is a seaport is a lovely view.The younger people are attracted to it and its night life,its lusty hotels and restaurants ,its discotheques and bars ,the dancing girls and operas.No doubt these places are safe are perfect haven for Dating for soul mates.The St. Valentines day is celebrated with its full fun and frolic. The openness allowed here for young generation is limitless, which these cities are famous for.Most of the big cities have their unique culture,customs and festivals which is celebrated in the most enjoyable fashion. It caters to all section all people ,the super rich,the rich, the middle class and the poor.For both old and young generation. Very frankly it is depends on the person ,how he or she takes the life as. Their attitude will be reflected on the life that the city provides.

It is Clear to us now,that the city provides us with more opportunities than any small town be it in our career ,education,Business,family etc. etc .etc. This has been the basis of development of any society,nation and civilization through ages. This is the force behind the of the development and evolution of human mind.This is the only option for us ,to move forward.Let others fall behind . Today, the society will take care for them too.So march forward.







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