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How happy are we.

October 1, 2009




  Troubles will be troubled before the man who faces them Like the
  determined bullock   that wades   through every difficulty.
  Though massed upon him like a mountain, A   man’s afflictions will
  be   afflicted by his undaunted will.
                                   – Tirukkural 63: 624-625
 Negative feelings, such as violence, are damaging to life, whether
 we act upon them  ourselves, or cause or  condone them in others.
 They are born of greed, anger, or delusion,  and may be slight,
 moderate,  or intense. Their fruit is endless ignorance and suffering.
  To remember  this is to cultivate the opposite.
                                – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 2:34






 Most of you would be surprised with the above topic. It is not a regular
 kind if article that I am writing , but it is very elementary to our life.
 In fact the basis or the purpose of our existence in this world depends
 upon this character. Happiness can be defined as an emotional state
 of a person where he is pleased or contended with his himself
 and his fellow beings.It is a character of a self satisfied being.


 It is state of mind which is generally found to be temporary , like  in
 case of  achievement  or after the successfulaccomplishment of an
 important task which is meaningful to our life.To be happy in our
 life requires the fulfillment of  many tasks and duties ,overcoming
 of many obstacles ,satisfying many  people in our family and
 society who play an important life in our daily life  before we
 could achieve this very important state of our mind.


 Let us take example for a young man who is still dependent and craves for
 a car .Getting a car will make him happy.However his Parents wants him
 first to get into an engineering college.His selection into an engineering
 college will make them happy.In return , they will buy him a car which will
 make him happy. So here is the case of a situation which will make both
 the parents and the son happy if the son gets into the engineering college
 as it willautomatically lead to the son getting the car.Also this state of
 mind is limited for a short period especially for theson ,say for few months.
 The new task will later appear for them to get happy like getting a good
 job, then wife and so on.


 The degree of happiness is related to the fact that how meaningful is the
 completion of task to our life. How much importance do we attach the
 achievement in our life. How much effort have we applied to achieve our
 task.How much importance does other people attach to our completing
 that task and how are they willing to help our financially, emotionally to
 achieve that task.How long will that state of happiness lasts also depends
 upon this factor.


 Another most important factor here is that the application of CETIRIS
 PARIBUS  i.e. all other factors remaining constant. .This condition is
 very hard to satisfy in real world as most of the factors mostly are not in
 our control.The adverse factors may reduce the level our our happiness
 to considerable level despite our achieving the target. Like in the above
 case the death of the younger brother or sister of the young man will
 totally  reduce te the level of happiness for the parents and young
 man despite  the achievement of the tasks.It may also increase the
 level of their happiness  if the younger brother or sister also wins a
 prize in the school.


 The failure to complete the tasks leads to stress and friction .This
 causes  unhappiness and misery in the family and society.It
 decreases the efficiency of the person to do other tasks.This
 also leads to the creation of health related problems in us and
 family. Continuous failure of tasks will completely destroy
 the Personality of the person and ruin his  life forever both
 socially ,emotionally  and economically .He can become a mental
 wreck due to depression and heart  related diseases. In a society
 or a country if the government and its people are not able to
 complete  their tasks in the given time it leads to the social and
 economic hardships for the people. It leads to rise in corruption,
 government  inefficiency and tension in the society.The people
 living in the rich countries of  the west are considered to be much
 happier than those in poor and third world countries. Finland is
 the country whose people are said to be  the happiest in the world.
 This brings us to yet another factor that is the length of our happiness .
 How long  can the completion of a given task make him happy. Few
 minutes ,hours ,days  ,months ,years or whole life. Give a piece of
 chocolate to a kid. That will make  him happy for some time.This is
 Joy. Joy or Pleasure is a state of mind in a person  where he shows 
 a sudden spurt of happiness or excitement . Joy is a happiness in
 a person that lasts only for few minutes .It is the initial stage of
 Happiness.After some hours his another need arises ,which when
 satisfied will bring him joy.This applies to  adults too like winning a
 gold medal  in Olympic by an athlete.  Happiness is an  on-going
 process which continues a long period in our life.
 Most of us have set a meaningful purpose to our life. We have a
 bigger mission or a goal to achieve in a limited period. However ,
 the achievement of this goal can only  be achieved if many other
 tasks or smaller goals which may run in thousands or  millions  in
 the whole span of our are completed successfully completed.This
 may have to begin  from our early childhood to the adult and to
 the old age. Most of us want to become   Doctors,Engineers,Pilots,
 Actors ,Soldiers, Managers,Directors etc  in our life.  This is
 our Ambition.
 For this we are encouraged and guided by our peers ,friends,parents,
 teachers to attain our goal if they find it acceptable. For this we have
 to work hard to reach the goal. Reaching the goal will make us
Achievers. It will lead us to the life of self fulfillment  and happiness.
 It also leads us in achieving smaller goals like being recognized as an
 achiever in our family,friend and society. It raises our Self-esteem .
 It brings us to  Self – Actualization. It will help us to achieve other
 important goals in our like a man or  woman of our life ,our own family
 and a kind life which we always dreamt for. This is what Happiness is
 all about.Living a life in a contented manner, till the end of our life.
 At present how close we are to our Ambition will show the degree of
 our Happiness.
 A happy person is a Positive person .  He is Optimistic in life. He sees
 the brighter side of life. He is emulated and seen as an Idol by the
 Society. He is well accepted in the  society and leads a healthy, happy
 and social life. A happy person is always cheerful  and  brings cheer
 to others around him. He always have a smiling face and makes  other 
 people  happy.As they say “ Nothing Succeeds Like Success “. It holds
 true for a Happy  person.
                           Keep Smiling,





























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