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Communication in Marketing.

February 4, 2010






If you ask any fresh graduate of M.B.A. in marketing the definition of Marketing in a layman’s language , you would most probably get the  answer “ Marketing is a process of creating  a demand for a product & Services“ in one line. If you ask any graduate of M.B.A. in Communication the definition of Communication you would hear him say  “ Communication is a process to convey a message from the source to its target in a clear, proper & effective manner ”.

From the definition itself one could get the significance of the role of communication in marketing. To create a demand for its product the seller  must be able to convey his message about the product  in a clear & proper manner to the buyer.

Marketing is a two way communication in which both the seller and the buyer exchange messages. The place where they communicate with each other is called ‘’The Market.’’  The market is a physical place , which may be a Fish market, departmental store, a shop , on  a table , or even in a computer , where the buyers and sellers interact with each other. Both the parties present their views in a clear and effective manner in Verbal or written form or both. The success of the negotiation  between the two is determined by the fact that how much they are able to communicate with each other in a clear and effective manner.

Communication is a much broader term than Marketing . In fact Marketing is a Commercial  form of communication between two parties , a Buyer and a Seller . It is a Paid communication between the two which  may be in a monetary form (Present) or in any other kind like in Barter system . Unless the payment process between the two parties is completed there is no marketing . This form of marketing is knows a Sales .

With the rapid changes & development going on in Communication the ability to communicate has become easier and simpler for the two parties. Another form of marketing developed  slowly and slowly is Advertising . Advertising is a one way communication in which the Seller only communicates . He appeals to the Public to purchase his product or  services . The types of advertising  he uses may be a Billboard , Mass Media like newspaper & magazines , radio & television, Daily mailer form , Computer  advertising ( pay per click ) , Banners and so on . In advertising , the seller communicates to a large number of people in one go. His success in advertising generally depends upon how many of those who saw his advertisement responds affirmatively to the advertisement and purchase the product .

The two main arms of Marketing are Sales ( Direct & Indirect ) and Advertisement . They are also the most effective means of Communication. A good communicator knows how to exploit these two arms in an effective manner. The growth of Direct sales companies and Advertising companies contribute to this fact that Communication plays the most important role in the Marketing. The development in the field of Communication contributes its share in the marketing also. That is why we can say that the Communication Industry is directly linked to the Marketing Industry in one way or other. Many of you who may not agree with me on this fact must take a fresh look  in their concepts .

The communication Industry as I had discussed in my previous  article consists of the Press , the Electronic media , the Advertising companies , the Public Relation Companies , the Telecom Industry . All of these instruments of communication play a decisive  role in the Marketing industry. In fact the survival of the marketing companies is not possible without these instruments in today’s world .

The role of communication in Marketing  assumes more importance in a sense that Customer Retention has become has become a important part in today’s marketing. The reason is the multiplicity of goods & services offering the same utility to the customers. Today the Customer has got many choices in all respects. He is well informed. There is a tough competition between different brands in the market in all sectors. He is the King or the Queen. This may be regarded as the Middle Class mentality by most of us  but it is true. Also this is the driving force for the customers to purchase the products. The seller has to use different means of Communications in marketing in a matrix form not only to create a customer but to keep him satisfied for a long time. This is Customer Retention .

Let us take an example of an Insurance agent or advisor. He is salesman and the kind of selling which he does is Direct selling. He operates within his city limits. He generally has a set of well defined questions which he asks his prospects when he sells them his  company’s Insurance policy. His prospects too has his questions which he asks this agent. The insurance agent  has to answer these questions in a convincing manner to his client. He has to be well dressed, prepared, persuasive, Effective , informative and authoritative. All these skills required by this Insurance salesman to sell his prospects are the qualities of a good communicator. Also he has to carry all the required tools of communication with him like Cello phone , Visiting cards , Pamphlets of his company and its products ,  Application form , legal documents , even a laptop computer now days  and so on. Later on he may use daily mailers , post cards , e-mail , greeting cards etc. to communicate with his customers .

Now his company also has a role to play which is of more importance than the salesman . No sales man , no matter how good communicator he may be , can ever succeed without the backing of his company . The company has an indirect but an important role to play . The training imparted by the company to its salesmen using the most modern and effective tools of presentation. The communication tools provided by the company to its salesmen to provide as much information as required by his prospects . The after  service provided by the Insurance  company to this customer or policy holder which may last from one year to almost his life span in maintaining his policy until its maturity as well as informing him at periodic intervals about his policy at regular intervals (in case of a Paid Back policy ) is a way of communicating with the policyholder that all is well in the company. Thus the company or its management may not play a direct role but they do play a decisive role while communicating with the customer.

Yet another means of communication which the company uses to communicate with the prospects is the Advertisement . As I have discussed already that the advertisement is one way means of communication appealing the buyers , here the prospects in large numbers to purchase the Insurance policy of the company . It can also be used to inform the policyholders of certain developments regarding their policy or affecting it like change in increments , in a certain way  through newspapers, electronic media, Bill boards , Mailer .

Most companies now days  whatever they sell , have their own Websites  in which all the information about the company & its products, the changes in the company regarding its policies , products , employment  , payments, management etc.  are given in a customer friendly manner.. The customer just has to log on to the Website and gather all the company’s information he requires like . He can even purchase any company’s products online which will be delivered by the company to his doorstep like . SFI also provides all necessary sale support services, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment – all at no cost to the affiliate or  Salesman.  Here the customer does not even require a salesman to purchase the product he requires although he has that option too. All the communications and payment  can be done through the computer until the product reaches the Customer’s doorstep. The company’s salesmen or Affiliates  also market these  websites  in different ways like in their own webpage, Video marketing, Blogging , affiliate marketing ,  Face book & Twitter marketing , co-op advertisement and so on , coercing their prospects to purchase the company’s products.

Thanks to the developments in Communication , today Marketing has become easier , convenient and enjoyable tool for the salesmen to sell as well as for the Customers to buy the products which may be goods or services, tangible or intangible  ,Cheap or expensive.









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