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The Treasure Hunt.

May 7, 2010


Since ages man has travelled far and wide all over the world in search of Treasure. This thing attracted him the most in his life along with the Wine and Women. In fact the definition of Treasure  will include Wine , Women and Wealth . The possession of all these things gave him the sense of Power and Pleasure. A sense  of achievement and contentment. The quest of this treasure led him to discover new civilizations , races and people. This had a positive impact on the Human brain. It opened his mind  and broadened his horizon.This treasure  was also the bone of contention between the fellow beings. The root cause of war between different men , Races , kingdoms , Empires and Nations.

If Columbus discovered America by mistake and Vasco de Gama discovered India as he was expected to do it were the craving for the wealth which brought them here. Both went for the discovery of the India , the land of prosperity then , one succeeded in reaching India while the other’s failure led to the discovery of the most powerful and richest country of the 20th century, United Stated of America. Both discoveries opened the doors of the Europe to the new and old civilizations , soon to be colonized and exploited for their interest. India then in 16th century was the land of unparallel wealth and riches. The land of Gold and Precious metals .It was the favorite  destination for the Treasure Hunters .

The discovery of other countries and continents like Australia , New Zealand , China ,  South America , North America , Africa , Asia were all for the search of Treasure. All were discovered by the Treasure Hunters.

The rapid growth and development in Europe  , the Industrial  revolution in England , the growth in science and technology can all be attributed to fact that the definition of the Treasure itself has changed considerably. The Nation’s treasure now included its abundant natural resources and raw materials like Petroleum , cotton, minerals, crops, etc, and its people as labor .All these discovered countries were far richer than Europe  in this Treasure. It played a prominent role in making European countries prosperous and powerful. These countries fought among themselves to gain control of these colonies and consequently the Treasure. The first and the second world war and later the cold war were all fought between the the Western countries to gain control of this wealth and treasure so they can develop faster and attain high standard of living which they did.This is the period between the 16th century to the present age .

Wealth played the most important part among the three , for the Treasure Hunters. All these Treasure hunters belonged to the European countries which were very poor and over populated. They were living in misery and were exploited and tortured by the rulers and religion, the Church alike. They had the support of their Rulers who wanted to expand their empire, the Church which wanted to spread its influence all over the world, the merchants and the common masses who were in search of peace and prosperity .

Many of these treasure hunters came with a message of peace and friendship. They meant business . Others came with the marching army behind them. They plundered , looted and destroyed the civilizations and created their own . The aborigines or the original natives were left with no choice but to accept the domination of the western people.The Red Indians in North America, The blacks in Africa , the Indians in India , the Chinese in China, the Orientals in south east Asia , other natives in Australia & New Zealand were all turned into slaves by the western world. The people from Europe soon settled in north America, south America , Australia and parts of Africa permanently. Rest of the countries like India, China, Africa, Asia , were colonized for centuries draining their natural resources and other treasures leaving their people poor and starving .

The growth of cities also took place because of the Treasure Hunters. The people living in small villages were farmers whose livelihood were dependent on agriculture. The Industrial revolution in England and later in other countries led to the rise of demand of labor, both skilled and unskilled . The villagers who were very poor left their villages and migrated to town and cities in search of better life.They also dreamt of possessing the Treasure . Many of them succeeded and became wealthy . The metamorphosis of Feudalism in small villages to Capitalism in big cities and towns is the result of this migration of the Treasure Hunters.The rapid urbanization and industrial and economic development in the west and above all the rise of Capitalism in its present form can all be attributed to the Treasure Hunters.

What was Psychic of the Treasure Hunters ?  Why and when did the search of this treasure began on first place ? What was the consequences , both good and bad of this Treasure Hunt. Was it only the treasure hunters or there were other people who were more powerful and influential , the government and rulers who cherished the dream of possessing this  treasure and rule this world. Or there were scientists and scholars who wanted to know about the world. After all Knowledge has become an important item in this basket of Treasure. A knowledgeable Person is a Rich person.

From the above discussion it is clear that mission of the  Treasure Hunters was to gain Wealth for themselves , for their country men and for their rulers and government. The wealth here initially included the gold, diamonds and the precious stones which commanded a high value in their country. They used to collect or earn these stones and bring it to their country where they would sell it and become wealthy. The first form of Capitalism was taking birth here. The Treasure Hunters were being handsomely paid for their hard work This is the base of the Capitalism .To reward a person for his work. The Treasure hunter is a capitalist or works under a capitalist or merchants , a fortune seeker , an adventurists , a visionary and a knowledgeable person in his field.

It is hard to say when the search of the treasure actually began. The reason can be the lack of evidence . We can say that treasure hunting is an on – going process. The meaning of Treasure can be something that commands a very high value and demand in the society . It is scarce and needs lots of hard work to obtain.It is precious.We have read lots of stories and novels , both fiction and non fiction have seen lots of movies , of the Treasure Hunters in their quest for treasure. Their heroic deeds and their bravery . Their intelligence and analytical skills in dealing with unforeseen situations . All most all the search for treasure took place through Sea Route. In fact one of the most important achievements of the Treasure hunters was establishment of sea route as a means of trade, transportation and communication. One who controlled the sea controlled the world. That is why England , a small country in terms of size and power,   became the the leading industrial and military power for the 17th ,18th ,19th and early 20th century  of the world because of its advantage as a sea port compared to other imperial countries of Europe. Most of the wars were fought in sea and this small country won all of them against its rival nations. Soon Navy became the most important arm of defence and offence of the Super Powers of late 20th century .Trading between the countries no matter how far they are , now is done only through sea route by huge ships and tankers . Many seaports soon became a important international trading points and turned into international business class cities of the world.

As we reach the new millennium and as the quest of the treasure hunters in this Planet has come to an end , the desire to reach other planets and stars is taking place inside him. Today he is at the same point as he was centuries ago when this very thought and desire took birth inside him to explore the mother Earth.Today he is as ignorant and impotent as he was then when he did not even knew whether the Earth was flat or round. Man has reached space and has set his foot to the nearest neighbor of the Earth , the Moon. He has been sending and trying to receive signals to the various parts of the Universe to gather information of any kind of life . The Space has become a vast sea and his ship has turned into a Spaceship in which he will be travelling in near future to different planets and stars to explore and exploit them for his use.

The Space Saga of the Treasure Hunter is about to begin. Welcome Aboard to his Space Ship and join the Space Odyssey.





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