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The Future Gods.

June 2, 2010

It has become very hot in India this summer 2010 now , with the temperature rising to 50*C . Most of us who don’t work and earn for their family stays inside their home enjoying the cool air of coolers and air conditioners . This is the hottest summer which we are witnessing after a long period. Looks like lord Sun is showing his wrath to poor earthlings in his worst form . People are dying of heat . We as poor earthling are really helpless against the whims of mother nature.

Few years back there was a Tsunami in Indonesia, heavy rainfall in Mumbai ,Hurricane and cyclone in U.S. , Bangladesh , Earthquake in Gujarat ( India), Haiti ,  Famines and drought , epidemics , claiming millions of lives and causing massive destruction. Despite having all the latest technology in weather forecasting, satellites and taking necessary precautions we are unable to do much when it comes to saving lives and reducing destruction caused by the nature. Many prophets have predicted the doom of this world which may be caused by nature like the above ones ( of course we can also include a collision by a meteorite from outer space or aliens invading the earth) or by the man himself  like a Nuclear world war or  pollution which will have an adverse effect on the earth’s atmosphere leading to its end.Thanks to the development in medicine human life span has increased may years and mortality rate has reduced considerably.Yet there was loss of life all over the world including U.S. due to swine flu a disease that can easily be cured.

For the last 50 years man is desperately trying to gain control of his destiny from the nature or God whatever we may try to say . He is also trying to spread his influence to different parts of universe , trying to contact aliens or find life in other planets. In both respects he has failed . Neither he has been able to save himself from the wrath of nature or God nor has he been able to find any form of life no matter how Primitive it may be , leave alone the advance Aliens. He has set his foot to moon , has sent many unmanned spacecrafts to different planets and outside solar system and is still exploring the space. Rest all is just still a fiction which can be read in novels and watched in movies like E.T., Aliens, Independence day, Predator, Terminator , The day After , Armageddon , Deep Impact , The Beach , Star Trek , Star Wars , Inner space , Jurassic Park, and many more .

It is human nature  like any other animal to dominate others including his surroundings. It is his nature to explore and advance. He wants to be the master of the world. History has proved this theory correct. Rulers and leaders have risen from this sense of feeling to gain control of his destiny as well as the destiny of other fellow beings including plants and animals and also non living beings like rivers , mountains , sea , Climate etc. Truman Show is a movie which successfully depicts this very nature of man.This is the quality known as Ambition which is found in Strong Willed leaders, Statesmen , Politicians , Dictators and Business men.

His ability to understand nature and himself can be reflected in the field of medicine. His understanding of not only human body but also of other plants and animals is phenomenal. From Charles Darwin’s  origin of species to  the latest technology in cloning of animals his mastery in knowledge has reached considerably. Many of the incurable diseases of the past like plague , malaria, typhoid, cancer , Jaundice can now easily be cured.  Very soon he will be able to create life on his own something which we have only thought about. Soon he will be to recreate himself and other plants and animals, an act which was his God’s domain.

Whether this very nature of man which by most of us is regarded as his main strength which separates him from other animals as an Intelligent animal with a highly advance brain. And why not ? After all we are enjoying the comfort and luxury of today’s world because of this very nature . Inventions and discoveries have been made and is being continued by our scientists and explorers. We now cannot even think of going fifty years back from present leave alone to centuries or to prehistory despite the cries of wolf by Green Peace or from any other  environment protection activists .

The only possible solution to this problem is to march forward in the right direction.  Of course we can take necessary measures to protect the environment and our ecology simultaneously.

This brings us to the very question of what this right direction means. And who is going to show us the right direction in the present world scenario. A world Statesman , an economic power like U.S. or Japan or an International organization like U.N.  For the last 70 years after the World War 2  , development in all fields was our main focus. And we rightly did so.We have benefited a lot by taking this step. Man’s obsession to control and explore his environment can easily be witnessed in this last 70  or 100 years. Microscope, Telescope, Aero planes, Ships, Submarines, Spacecrafts, Satellites, Radars , have been invented to explore and control his Universe. Till now we have only been able to predict or forecast about the  weather . Very soon we might be able to control it and use it for our benefit. We can now create artificial rain by creating artificial clouds to help our crops. Soon we be able to manipulate our weather and our seasons according to our will . We will be able to create lightening, thunderstorms , Cyclones, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and so on. We no longer have to be dependent on God to give us rain nor do we have to suffer from his whims.

Controlling our weather and climate will become as easy as operating an air condition in our living room to control the temperature. Travelling to space or to neighboring planets will be as easy and comfortable as travelling to neighboring cities or countries. Man will no longer be regarded as God Fearing animal. Religion is surely going to suffer from this. However Religion can become a trustful and helpful mentor or ally to man in his quest for this endeavor.It can help him see and distinguish between the good and bad, harmless and harmful , extend his vision to see more clearly and help him march forward in right direction.

The evolution of the human being from the God fearing animal to the present God challenging animal and in future to be the God himself will be the most important step in the history of mankind, unless of course he  missteps to his own self destruction .





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