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Marketing “ Affaire de Coeur ”

August 8, 2010


“ Affaire de Coeur  ”  is a  French  word meaning  “ An affair of the heart ”  or  “ The love affair ”.

“ What has that do with this article ? ”,  most of you would say.

 Well that is the topic I am going to discuss here .

What has love got to with it (“ it”  here would mean the “Marketing” ) , you would say quoting from the famous song sung by Tina Turner . After all love is just a second hand emotion in the present day context .

For hundred or thousands of years Love has been regarded as an highest level of emotion not only among humans but also among other animals. It was and still is regarded by some of us as a common bond which binds our flock together . An emotion which has given strength to our very  basis of our existence in this world. Love is an emotion that separates us from non- living beings , from the savages , from the war mongrels and from our prehistoric ancestors .It is more than just a sexual relationship between the male and female as it includes other emotions like joy, sorrow , pain , happiness , loneliness , attachment , sense of care and contentment , an understanding between the two and so on.

We may have heard and read innumerable tales of the two lovers , their separation and reunion from each other , happy or the sad ending , throughout the history like Anthony and Cleopatra , Radha and Krishna ,  Romeo and Juliet , Akbar and Anarkali . We may have seen hundreds of movies of the two lovers romancing with each other and fighting their opponents . Most of them are fiction but they still motivate us , the younger generation.  We try to emulate them . Many a times while walking in a park or travelling in a bus, in a train or in a car, I see the young lovers or the love birds sitting close together on the bench or walking hand in hand , sharing their feelings and emotions. Even the older people emulate them although with some restraint. We all love to hear the  love songs  and are deeply inspired by them.

In a present society when such kind of relationship is permissible in most countries and is tolerated by the so called moral guardians of our society , this sight of love birds has become very common. We never know that how many of such relationships culminate into happy married life . In western society dating is very common. Living –in of the couples is now permissible even in countries like India.

I am not going to discuss here the reasons , the  causes or the consequences of this kind of attraction between the two opposite sexes or the same sex . The law of attraction is a different topic all together here . 

As a marketing person this kind of emotion is hard to sell nor does business ethics would permit such an action. Love is such a sacred emotion that no marketing person would like to bring it to the market. What a marketing person  does here is to create a way or a path for the Love birds to communicate with each other in a simple, clear, comfortable manner , to express and share their feelings with each other freely , without any outside interference or fear.

Love and friendship are two characters in human beings that bring him a sense of fulfillment in his life. It makes him a social animal. “ No man is an island ” is a common proverb we have heard before. It means that he cannot survive being an island as unlike an Island he is a living being with emotions and feelings. He has to learn them to express them effectively and effortlessly. Not all of us are able to do that. Many or most of us are not able to bring out these emotions in a proper or effective manner as they want or maybe we communicate to the wrong person. Here the role of Marketing assumes a key role. To create a proper channel between the two lovers to communicate is that key role and no more. How they do is what we are going to discuss here.

Few years back in India , love marriage was considered a privilege enjoyed by rich and upper middle educated class of big cities like Delhi or Mumbai. They used to travel in cars , dine in expensive restaurants , holidaying in expensive places and enjoy the pleasure of this wealth bestowed to them by the Goddess of love. Others or the less privilege were bounded by the rigid customs , caste and creed of the religion and society. Their parents decided their future and their partner which was within the parameters of their religion and caste. They has no say of whatever kind in this respect. But soon with the advancement  and rise in education in the society these shackles were broken and love marriage spread to small towns and cities and to other sections of the society also.

The growth of the movies  lead to exposure of the Love to the masses in more explicit form  . The Movies were the first major and most popular marketing tool and is still regarded  as most important Advertisement medium  of “ Affaire de Coeur  ”  in any society . It has a spread effect on the minds of the public. They won the hearts and minds of the masses as never before. The actors were quoted by the public and they were emulated openly in the society. Like any other social movement , Movies brought this emotion to the public in the most effective and proper manner in the numbers unheard before. Cinema halls became the most popular dating point for these young couples where they can sit together ,watch the movie and share their private thoughts and feelings  for two to three hours without being seen nor disturbed by anybody.

Only some years ago nobody knew the what 14th of February  or the St Valentine’s day meant for the lovers. But thanks to the aggressive marketing by the greeting cards companies this day has become as popular as 31st December or the New Years day  all over the world by  those care who for love. This is the day when the two lovers married or unmarried celebrate and gift each other . Thanks to the marketing by hotel and tourism industry special holiday packages are offered for the couples on trip to honey moon or for fun. No doubt the industry plays an important role in encouraging these lovers to enjoy their companionship in the style that before only kings and queens could afford . The Greeting Cards Industry owes its growth entirely to these lovely couples both young and old who share their feelings by the cards .So does the Hotel and tourism Industry . Love letter writing is yet another way of expressing this emotion.

The growth and development of communication , information technology and media  opened more avenues for the lovers to communicate. The expansion of the television brought these love stories in small serials and movies to the common man’s home. The radio stations started playing the love songs listened by the people . The growth of telephone services made this communication easier and more comfortable for the lovers any time of the day right from their home in the most private manner . The advent of computers and internet has given a big boost for these lonely hearts who can now find their soul mates paying only  a small amount. The rise in the numbers of social networking groups  and marriage bureaus claiming to make perfect match for all these lonely hearts through Online Chatting and Dating Services according to their tastes and preferences has rises sharply.They help them to cultivate  friendship just by taking their details or bio-data and sending to the other partners who has the right to accept to or reject the friendship. Companies like Skype has made this online chatting  through video where the two can see each other and talk on computer or mobile  at their home or any other place  .The telephone services also render such kind of  services .

The basis of these social networking companies was that most of us are always in search of friendship with same or opposite sex or both. We are always lonely and feel that way especially while in job away from home. All of us has the natural tendency to communicate . By bringing all these people together in a common platform and by just taking their minor details , these companies help them in their search for friends and soul mates from their database where they have thousands of such profiles. If they succeed it gives  necessary advertising boost to their business. Most of them are free of cost or they charge a small amount of fees . All we has to do is to log in in their computer and start chatting with the one which we find suitable for us .Soon this relationship may bring fruit and turn the two into a happily married couple. Other wise too the love affair or the friendship continues as long as the two wants.

They say that love is something that happens . We all have or may fall in love at the first sight or slowly . Love at first sight is mostly the physical attraction between the two .It may be short lived as the two has to face the harsh reality of the real world. It depends upon the character of the two lovers that will decide their future together. Or they may decide to split. This is very common in present day scenario as life is getting very fast. Falling in love with each other after some period is now in . This way both the lovers get to know each other quite well . They come to grasp with the situation they are in and they will be getting into once they come into a relationship with one another. This makes them more confident and mature to continue their affair. This is the point  where all the online Social & Dating groups hit their target customers as a part of their marketing strategy .

By providing a valid platform for the two lovers to communicate and later continue it into a fruitful and lasting relationship these online Dating  and Marriage services  are doing a tremendous job and a social service to the society in its quest for happiness and fulfillment of life for its citizens and making this world a better place to live .


                                                                       SFI Marketing Group.






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