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Live Wire Executives.

September 18, 2010

”  The Limit to your Sales is Your Mind “

“ Wanted  10 Live Wire Marketing Executives  for a Public limited Company engaged in selling a premium product of a multinational company . The candidates must be Graduate or more .They must  smart , well dressed, aggressive and must have good communication skills in English , Hindi and local dialect .  They must have flair for meeting people. They must be mobile . Freshers may also apply. Remuneration will be the best in the industry for the suitable candidates. Please apply along with your Resume within next 7 days for the personal interview  in the address given below . ”

This kind of advertisement in daily newspaper is come across by us all most daily especially for those of us looking for a job or a change in job . Such advertisements  in daily newspapers  of  “ Walk in Interviews ”  are very popular among the small and medium size companies of all kinds for recruiting marketing & sales executives , Engineers , C.A.’s  , PRO’s ,  call- center executives  , company’s staff  etc. The reason being reaching large number of candidates  at a low cost. It is also very effective. Since many of these companies have high retrenchment rate it is logical also as they have to give such ads in dailies quite frequently .

I myself have taken such interviews quite frequently whenever I want to change my job or am unemployed. In fact my first job in sales was after reading an advertisement for “ Walk in Interview  ”  as shown  above .  It is effective as it attracts lots of candidates  both in quantity and quality  in such a short time. Such interviews are held for a day  or more depending upon the company’s requirement . It may be held in company’s office or in a hotel . The interviewers may be local or called from the company head office . The atmosphere during such time is very tense and professional. You can see all the candidates smartly dressed wearing shirt , pant and tie, well polished shoes, neatly combed hairs , carrying a folder containing their bio-data and other documents . One can see them sitting on the sofa at the reception hall waiting for their call or you may find them in group of two or threes in a serious discussion . One by one their names are called for the interview to decide their future in the company .

Who are these Candidates  ? What brings them here ?  What is their family and other background ? Are they moving in the right direction ? Do they have the guts and brains to face the harsh future that lies ahead of them  in the corporate sector where sex , greed and manipulation is the order of the day ?  Are they smart and intelligent  enough not only on looks but also in dealing  with different situations at different time in their professional and family life ? What is their vision and career goals in life ? Above all Are they nice and trustful persons ? Answering all these questions will help us understand what kind of person they are.

The fact is the every company wants their employees to be result oriented , on whatever kind of work they do. Performance is the first priority for any company especially if it is in a Private sector. “ I want results ”   is the scream of every Boss in every company. From our early childhood when we started our school we were trained to be Racing horses. We have been  brought up in a competitive environment where we are ranked according to our performance be it in our studies , in sports or in any extra- curricular activities. Getting in a good school , then into a good college and then getting a job of your choice in a good company are all reflected in your ability to perform.  Getting into a cricket or football team in the national level will depend upon our ability to perform at the competitions not once but every time we play for our team . Performance and continuous performance is the key to success.

Every company in the present day wants its employees to achieve whatever target it sets for them . For that it has to see that they are physically and mentally fit and healthy . No executive can work with other problems running on in his mind .That is why a company also wants to know about the family members of the executive. Whether he is married or stays with his parents . How many brother and sisters does he have . What their father and mother do ? Their financial and social status  and so on. This makes the personal department easier to understand and solve  their employees problem. Marketing and sales is a mentally straining job and the company has to see that all its sales staff is geared to handle the pressure and mental stress on work. Sales is a fast field job and it races your mind like when you are watching  a fast action movie .

Passing   a management exam  and entering a management institute is one thing while entering the corporate world is different thing . In a management institute one can only learn the management skills and tools to become effective manager. The internship in the last semester of the course in various companies will only make us acquainted with how one works in a company. Here you are not paid regularly or monthly  for showing your skills and you only report to one person. But once you enter a company as an employee you are now entering a different world altogether . You are now a part of the company . You are now on its payroll. You will be rewarded for your hard work you do to get on with your family life. You are now an adult male or female who knows how to take care of himself or herself as well as his family. He is meant to be more independent and assertive because of this. Also he must now learn the art of manipulation to survive the company politics , earn as much as he can for his work with no limit and make himself presentable to opposite sex. After all winning the heart of your beloved and making him or her your life partner  is the most important art that only few could master in history of mankind . And that is not the end of the world for us. Living a happy family life with your partner is yet another task we have to perform until the end of our life.Nobody wants to repeat the tragic story of Anthony and Cleopatra in their real love life. This is Sex , Greed and Manipulation which one must learn to survive and grow in any field. What it means is that we must know a bit more than just hard work to achieve our goals. Common sense and basic intelligence is also important which no management institute can teach us. It is the lack of all these attributes in most of the management candidates is the fact that they end up being a salesman all their life not able to grow more in the corporate ladder. They are only themselves to be blamed .

From the early childhood all of want to live a life of a King or Queen. We have been inspired from the stories and movies to at least dare to dream that kind of life. That is why we were sent to school , groomed in a proper manner and were given a special attention by our parents. Still not all of us are able to live up to our dreams. Why ? It is because not all of us have a vision in our life . What is this vision ? Vision is what we want to be in our life and what we want others to see  us as in our life. Our ambition and career goals  are related to our vision. Vision has to be realistic i.e. it must be achievable. Also it is a long term target to achieve say  a span of at least 15-20 years . One must have a vision by the time he goes to school for him to achieve it. It must be deeply embedded in his mind so that he can see it clearly all the time. Vision can be seen from the eyes of Archer Arjuna  who can see nothing but nothing else than the eye of the Fish which he has to hit to win the hands of his beloved Draupadi  in Indian Epic Mahabharata . Ironically he was the second person to do so . Karna yet another great archer succeeded on doing that just before Arjuna but was rejected by the Princess Draupadi .An important turnaround in the politics and power play in the epic called Mahabharata .

“ Nice guys finish last “  is a  common adage we come across . And rightly so in the present world scenario which is synonymous with power play . The corporate world is no different . A person who has a vision and is in pursuit of his goal is ruthless . He will nor let anyone come on his way. Anyone opposing him will be crushed with all force he possess. This is one of the most important quality of a strong and ambitious leader. “ I must get what I want “ is the principle he follows. He may get what he wants but only by crushing the ambition of many colleagues , friends or foe. Nobody gets a chair in the corporate without that grit and determination . Not all of us can afford to be that tough . We have other responsibilities to deal with . We have our family and most of us want to live in amiable society enjoying fun and pleasure of life. For that  we want to be trusted by others and let others trust us. It can only be possible if we know our limit. Only then we can live in a society which we dream of  “ A welfare Society ” .

All the qualities stated above are the qualities of a Sales executive who has an ambition to make his name on the company’s top performer. A sales person who is admired and respected by his colleagues , his friends and even his foes and rivals are left with no choice but to accept him . He is a sharp shooter but must watch his words and is able to answer and solve all the queries of his customer in a smart and assertive manner  and this quality makes him a no-nonsense Salesman among his customers and in his company.He has to be Image conscious , must have presence of mind and direct.  That will make him a live wire salesman .

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