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The Role of Bulbs in Marketing.

July 7, 2011


Marketing is a Dynamic process. It has a continuity in it like a river. It keeps on evolving itself like a living organism as new developments take place becoming larger and larger in content . It has lot of innovative features added  to it .

How has Marketing and the Market evolve itself to its present form. Who are the people behind it and how they do it. It is true that the Marketing process and the market will continue to evolve that in next 10 years and we won’t be able to recognize it from its present form.

If you read an advertisement for recruitment for sales& marketing people in a company you will notice that they ask for creative and  innovative persons. Persons who can bring  lots of Ideas and can implement them in the sales . For example the Idea of linking  commissions and incentives to sales performance . The Idea of giving a Television to the best performer in a month. Such Ideas and Suggestions are regularly welcomed by sales & marketing companies. No doubt you are encouraged to give your suggestion and innovative ideas to the management  in case you are working there . You may be rewarded for giving your idea  in case it is accepted by the management and put into practice.

These ideas are like Bulbs which glow instantly and the people who have these ideas are know as Bulbs. They flash instantly on demand giving brilliant ideas unlike the tube light which glows after  twinkling for sometime. They are smart , shrewd, intelligent persons with strong presence of mind and grasping . Their ability to understand the situation and providing necessary solution in a short time is unquestionable.They are sharp shooters who give instant reply on asking a question without loss of words and provide excellent solutions to a problem. They are indispensable at the time of crisis management or emergency when we have little time to solve a problem. Above all they are Proactive who do not shy away from responsibility.

Marketing as a science finds these Bulbs an indispensable ally . Imagine all of us sitting in the Marketing room formulating a new strategy to market a product. All of us are supposed to bring new ideas and present them in this crucial meeting. Our growth in the company depends upon our ability to provide effective and concrete suggestions and necessary solution to solve any problem coming in our way. Many of us would have thought about new ideas for past few days before attending this meeting. But that is not all. Few of us have to give immediate suggestions and solutions in this short span . It is not possible for all of us to do so. But yes there are few of us who come up with brilliant Ideas in such a short span. Also they come up with effective solutions to the problems in this short moment. This is despite the fact that all of us are encouraged to bring up ideas immediately. The situation becomes tougher if the  marketing people are not given any time to think for ideas before meeting. Like an extempore debater they are briefed of the situation and then are asked to suggest new ideas immediately one by one at the meeting in front of the management.

Such situations are very common in marketing and all marketing persons are required to handle such situations in an effective manner. The present marketing scenario requires marketing persons to do a management course to get trained to deal with such situations. The entrance exams of management is taken gauge the aptitude of the marketing aspirants before their management training . Many marketing companies prepare their own entrance exams to gauge the mental and analytical ability of the aspirants.These exams are 200 to 250 objective type questions to be completed in a short time of two hours.They consist of English, Maths, Data Interpretation & Analytical reasoning. One has to clear this exam to become a management trainee.

It is difficult to say that one can be trained to become a Bulb. Yet proper training can at least raise the level of aptitude and management skills of a salesman. They can be trained to become leaders and managers who play a important role in decision making. They have to take a strong decision in a short time like a Army  General during a war. Practice makes the Man Perfect. Constant drilling , continuous practice and responsibility helps the salesman to gain experience which can later help him in taking quick decisions.Converting Coal to diamond takes lot of time and energy. Same can be said here.

Bulbs have become a backbone to the Industry. In every respect they play a crucial role in Decision making not only in the Industry but in their day to day life. After all decisions has to be taken every here and now in real life. It is easier for bulbs to take quick decision despite the work load and pressure heaped upon them in present life when new responsibilities are being added  . Further more they have to keep pace with the fast city life where they have to take Quick and correct decisions both at work and at home. These decisions will affect not only them but also their colleagues at work, their management, their customers , their family and their society they live in. A wrong decision can turn the tides on them . Like a Bulb at our home they enlighten our lives and the Industry with their new and innovative ideas and make our life happier and comfortable.


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